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Welcome to the Official ShaoDow Website

I am a full-time independent UK Rapper but I’ve managed to sell over 16,000 albums without any record label support.

This website has a lot to offer from music, to pictures, to videos, to my latest blogs and all my upcoming shows, so enjoy, interact and most importantly share.

I’m on a journey to get my music and message to as many ears as possible and I DEFINITELY need your support.

So whether you’ve heard my music before, met me whilst I’m out selling CDs or know someone that has my music already, don’t just sit watching from the sidelines Join The DiY Gang and help me prove that an Independent UK Artist can be a success.


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GAS MARK 10!!!

Upcoming Shows

  • Wednesday, April 16th 2014 - Tuesday, April 22nd 2014 ShaoDow in West London at Whiteleys Shopping Centre
  • Friday, July 11th 2014 ShaoDow in Bicester (Oxfordshire) at The Courtyard Youth Arts Centre Buy Tickets

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